About us

CtGR is a catalyst for change in the lives of Aboriginal people facing adversity.


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Our mission is...

We aim to close the gap and make a positive impact on the lives of Aboriginal people facing adversity. We will do this by focusing on education, employment, and rehabilitation, ultimately creating better measures for programs and services for Aboriginal communities.

Better measures, better outcomes through:

Data analysis

Collecting and analysing data from service providers to ensure funding allocations are backed by evidence and lead to real, quantifiable improvements.

Human centricity

Listening to those in need, not because of their race but their humanity. We will understand these people as people, their strengths and weaknesses.


Building key partnerships with organisations that share a dedication to continuous improvement and are open to publishing their methods, outcomes and success measures.


Conducting independent research to identify the unique needs and challenges within Aboriginal communities to inform and guide our mission.

...helping those in need



Meet our research fellow

Dr Samara McPhedran

As a multidisciplinary researcher with a focus on psychology, law, justice and public policy, Samara McPhedran holds degrees in psychology and law.

With a prolific publication record, Dr McPhedran has contributed over 100 articles, chapters, reports, and presentations on topics such as mental health, suicide, homicide, and domestic violence.

Having held research, policy, and program management positions in government, academia and the private sector, including as the Founding Director of the Griffith University Homicide Research Unit, she is recognised for her expertise.

Samara has provided counsel to government, community groups, and service providers, including providing recommendations on enhancing wellbeing and preventing suicide among young Indigenous people.

She is dedicated to evidence-based recommendations, actively participating in advisory groups and contributing to policy and legislative changes.

As our research fellow, Dr McPhedran will contribute to shaping a strategic research agenda, identifying knowledge gaps and ways to address them, and building evidence around Aboriginal wellbeing and outcomes.

Become a partner

Does your organisation provide programs or services to Aboriginal people in need? CtGR are now accepting registrations of interest in our partnership program.

A partnership with CtGR is built on evidence-based approaches and a commitment to achieving better outcomes. By collaborating with us, you contribute to the development of programs and services that are thoroughly measured, ensuring that every action leads to meaningful change.

We welcome all providers but take special interest in:

  • School scholarships (boarding or day students)
  • Employment initiatives
  • Prisoner rehabilitation

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